Why does American Cannon have the safest cannon on the market?

American Cannons is the only civilian cannon with a removable barrel.  This is a major safety feature we are very proud of and want to always highlight.  If or when the cannon misfires due to misloading or bad or moist powder, the barrel and projectile can be removed by standing to the side of the cannon without putting anyone in harms way.  Never stand in front of or put any part of your body in front of a loaded cannon.  This separates the powder from the projectile safely allowing a person to unload the cannon risk free. The old design of cannons without removable barrels need to be unloaded from going into the front of the barrel taking a huge risk of the cannon going off.   

With an American Cannon having the first and only removable barrel on the market, if a misfire happens the recommendation is to wait 3 minutes, re-pick the fuse hole, add another fuse and relight.  If the cannon still does not fire, wait 10 minutes, then Stand to the Side of the cannon, and unscrew the barrel. (NEVER STAND IN FRONT OF THE CANNON) This separates the powder from the projectile safely allowing a person to unload the cannon risk free.

Please refer to the diagram of the American Cannon receiver, the barrel screws into the receiver roughly 7 inches.  The diameter of the firing chamber is smaller than the inside diameter of the barrel.  (Howitzer military cannon design) This does not allow a golf ball to enter into the firing chamber keeping the golf ball in the barrel.   When the cannon is loaded the powder is in the firing chamber, the golf ball is in the barrel.  When the barrel is removed, the ball will stay with the barrel and the powder will stay in the receiver.  Then knock the ball out of the barrel, use a wire hook to remove the powder from the receiver and start over.

It’s that simple and extremely safe not to mention smart.  Safety first always.

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